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Nativeveterans.com was created by Xavier Kataquapit out of inspiration that developed through researching his grandfather James Kataquapit and great grandfather John Chookomolin both of Attawapiskat, Ontario who served in the First World War. His popular column Under The Northern Sky appears in Native and non Native publications across Canada. As a columnist Xavier presented the efforts and dedication of his ancestors and the boys of Attawapiskat who were recruited by the Government of Canada to join the country’s war efforts in World War One. These columns, the first ever to be written about the Cree from the James Bay coast and World War One, appeared in Native and non Native publications across Canada. Enjoy them and feel free to share them with your family and friends.

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Private John Chookomolin

Original Family Research On John Chookomolin Here is the original family research which was conducted by George Hookimaw (great-grandson to John Chookomolin) in the fall of 1994.  This was the first instance of official documentation that our family saw concerning the life and death of John Chookomolin.  One of the difficulties in the research was […]

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We Will Remember

Under The Northern Sky by Xavier Kataquapit This is dedicated to my great grandfather John Chookomolin who, with 23 other young Cree from Attawapiskat, went off to war in the summer of 1917. He never returned and until only a few years ago his family had never known his fate. I am giving him a […]

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The Boys Of Summer – 1917

Under The Northern Sky by Xavier Kataquapit In the summer of 1917 life changed forever for 24 young Cree men from along the James Bay coast near Attawapiskat. As was our tradition during the summer my people would gather at a place on the James Bay coast on the banks of the Attawapiskat River where […]

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